Thursday, September 30, 2010

Episode 4: Lock Hunter

This week on Shrimpbum:

- Knuckle Crackers and Blue Velvet

- Roofies and Magic Bullet

- Laughing Gas and Mouth Rape

- Hookers and Autistic Assburgers

- Broken Dion Facuets

- Chinese Electric Eel Defibrillators

- Cottage Cheese and USB Hairs

- Bjork and Volcanoes

- Peter Jackson and Foreplay

- Jesus and 12 Opossums

- Maestro and Michael Jubblies

- Gowan and Kiddeo

- Tracksuits and V-8

- Washroom Sighgings and William’s

- Picking Locks and Hunting Hurt

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Episode 3: Sexual Repulsion

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In this week's episode:

- Cocaine and Raisins

- Tongue biters and Carrie Fisher

- Podcasts and Chaunchcasts

- Boob Operators and Dishwasher-safe Dildos

- Face Down and Butts Clenched

- Sagging Bits and Bleeding Parts

- Ratdogg and Eruptions

- Mad Max and Chimney Sweeps

- Suh Bastian and Happy Periods

- Debit for Hobos and Poets Who Don’t Know (It)

- Chairy and Ben Browder

- International Hair and Smoking Airlines

- Indian Rubber and Indian Rubber??????

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Episode 2: Shrimp Moon Rising

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In this VERY special episode:

-Ancient Pedos and Higher Learning

-Unicorn Hair and Potato Face

-Incontinence and Birthday Presents

-Lady in Red and Missy Elliot

-Dildo forest and Daleks

-Loca and Lacota

-Pecs and Giant Muffins

-B’acnes and The Nothing

-Muffins and Hotdogs

-Werebears and Platypus

-Animal Sex and Oldman Sex

-Miner Slang and Droopy

-Engagement Rings and Exploding Hymens

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Episode 1: The Bieb

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In THIS episode:

– Podcast from the future and creaky chairs

– Lesbians of the Thunderdome and Home Depot

– John Goodman Exterminates

– Guilty Personal Trainers and DisguisesPhotobucket

– Mr. T Can’t Get a Bite and Noel Chuckles at Everything

– Greece-y Pickpockets and Acropolis Rocks

– Michael Landon and Irene

– European Miyagi and Brendan Fraser’s Career Death Photobucket

– Boybands and Drunken Puke Targets

– Forgotten Gay Porn and Value Village

– Erica M and Infidelity

– Shared Porn and Ass Pimples